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Folk Music Links
(and related music too)

Eric Andersen
The Band
BBC Radio's Folk & Acoustic Music pages
Luka Bloom
The Blues Foundation
Johnny Cash - official site
The Chieftains
Club Passim
Cowboy Poetry
Valerie & Walter Crockett
Bob Dylan -
Steve Earle
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
Bob Franke
John Gorka
Grateful Dead
Arlo Guthrie - - official site
Emmylou Harris
John Hartford - official site
Dan Hicks
Lowell Folk Festival
Ramblin' Dan Martin - his site - hear his music, buy some too!
Melanie - fan site
Melanie - official site
Melanie Music Society
Joni Mitchell - official site
Newport Folk Festival
John Prine - Oh Boy Records - official site
The John Prine Shrine
Harvey Reid - Woodpecker Records - official site
David Roth
Dave Van Ronk
Suzanne Vega - official site
Lucinda Williams
WUMB Radio, Boston
Neil Young

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